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Enquire today to receive a free quote for your next school camp. We have mini coaches for small groups all the way to our large coaches. We have taken small groups of 16 students and teachers all the way to 160 students and teachers. Being a local company we strive to leave our local school groups with a positive experience and impressed. We understand it is our responsibility to be on time, safe and our passengers are left with a positive experience. All of our coaches are Air-conditioned and seat belted and our larger 46 and 60 seater coaches have toilets (if needed) and TV/DVD players for a peaceful journey.


Here are some of the most popular trips we have done:

  • Camp Kanga               - Kitchant Dam
  • Seaforth Camp            - Mungalli Falls
  • Echo Creek                  - Paluma Villages
  • Lake Tinaroo Dam       - Tablelands
  • Outback (2-5 days)      - Virginia Park

-     Paluma Villages (please note paluma trips we only send our 20 and 24 seater coaches due to safety and road condition reason as your child safety is our number one priority)


Detours can also service

  • Sporting transfers
  • Musical / Event transfers
  • Or any local transfers